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I Timothy 4:12, 13

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Uncle Tom's Cabin Ch. 13-18

I think there is a lot of misconception about this book.  I have always heard that it was just about slaves being beaten, that is not true.  I am on Chapter 18 and so far she has only had slave owners who were kind to their slaves.  She also talks about how people thought of the slaves, that they were simple and lowly (The other title of the book is "Life Among the Lowly").  She doesn't realize it but even Mrs. Stowe believed they wer a "child like race".  Treat a human being like a child and they will act like a child.  She expresses that is why they were so slow, it is because they were suppressed into submission.  She also talks a lot about how people will have to answer for their sins at the Judgement Seat of Christ.
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