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I Timothy 4:12, 13

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Though Waters Roar" quotes

I absolutely LOVE this book.  Lynn Austin is very good at weaving characters, God, and history together.  The temperance movement was such an important part of our history, and the different reasons people became involved are varied.  Grandma Bebe had a hard life, and it did not get easier for her.  She had to learn to put her whole trust in God and she learned that her parents' faith was enough to sustain her.  She needed her own faith.  I'm only halfway through with this book, but it is a definite must read.
Here are some quotes:  Talking about the suffrage movement:  One lady had a very good point:  "But if the government does grant us equality with men, might we also be required to take up arms and fight in the event of another war?"  Hasn't this already happened?  Of course we need the right to vote, but us women have fought so hard to be "equal" with men, that we are not treated as something "special" by men anymore.  It used to be that when a woman walked into the room all the men would stand, they would open doors for us, let us go first, etc.  I sure do miss those days even though they were pretty much gone by the time I was an adult.  This what Bebe's mom had to say:  "It's not a question of who is superior; it's a question of who is head  of the household.  Someone has to assume leadership in the home, and God decreed that it should be the husband. ... We can't change what is written in the Bible"  Have you noticed how many divorces there are out there because both the man and woman struggle to be the head of the home?  It doesn't work.
Tomorrow is Sunday, so I'll talk to you again on Mon.  Have a great weekend!

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Nichole Jewett said...

I love this book! I had actually begun reading it when my history teacher gave a project of which we had to read a historical novel and write a paper about 2 main topics in it. I just continued to read Though Waters Roar and everything fell into place. I'm actually writing the final paper on it right now and I'm thrilled to be able to mention God and loving others in a public school! And they can't stop me! Hallelujah! God Always Makes A Way!
I recommend anyone to read this, it truly is a work of deep spiritual and historical meaning; a great book for someone good through raging waters, because it continually refers to God's strength and guidance in our time of need!