"....but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine."
I Timothy 4:12, 13

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Giveaway extended

Hey everyone, I am extending the contest deadline to Saturday, October 22. I will draw the name on Sunday morning!  The contest is running on both of my blogs!

Be sure to leave two separate comments for two entries and leave me your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn and giveaway!


I just finished reading Book of Dreams by Davis Bunn.  What a great book!  I read it in two days while I was sick and enjoyed it very much!  The whole book is on the premise that God speaks to us through His Word and how we need to pay attention to our dreams because God may be speaking to us in our dreams.  We need to open our hearts and listen when God speaks to us.
I always knew the banking system was corrupt, but I never understood how until Davis explained it in his book.  We need to be aware of what is happening in our banks and how they operate with the politicians.  Dr. Elena Burroughs is a psychologist who is just existing in her life after her husband passed away.  She was content with how things were, but when she gets a new client - everything changes.  She is swept up in the politics of the banks and gets a very old book that helps her understand God, life and dreams better then she could understand on her own.
I would recommend this book to everyone.  Even though I usually only read historical fiction, this book is great and will keep you focused to the end!
To read the first chapter, go here:  
To win a copy of the book read the first chapter and tell me what you think of the book!
For another entry "like" Davis Bunn on facebook and leave me another comment letting me know you "liked" him.
Be sure to leave two separate comments for two entries and leave me your email address so that I can contact you if you win!  The contest will end on Tuesday, October 18.  I will draw the name on Wednesday morning!
I have some interview questions to share with you from Davis Bunn about his book!
In Book of Dreams, you revisit a theme from one of your earlier books, The Warning. Why did you write about the crisis in the banking industry? 
The Warning, published in 2003, focused on the then-current financial crisis. It was about a man who felt called by God to warn people that financial upheaval was coming, and the difficulties he had in getting his message across. That book was in the top five on the CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) best-seller list for 14 months.

The week I started writing Book of Dreams, the news broke that not one single banker responsible for the mortgage crisis and bank crisis had been convicted of a crime. The banking industry came out of this crisis relatively unscathed while 3 million American families lost their homes — that’s almost 15 percent of all homeowners in America. That, to me, is just not right.

The banking industry is all about self-interest and making money. The American banking industry spends $1 million a day lobbying Congress, while the international banking industry spends another million per day lobbying the American political system. With that much money on the table, there’s a potential for huge profits – the banking industry wouldn’t invest that much money for any other reason.

The question became: “What could happen that would stymie this self-absorbed lobbying?”

The answer: An independent commission that would oversee these transactions so there’d be nowhere for these people to hide. I built Book of Dreams around that premise.

Your story explores how God uses dreams and visions to communicate with people. What inspired that idea?

My wife and I did a wonderful Bible study on the book of Daniel, in which we explored how dreams were one component of Daniel’s gift of prophecy.

When I wrote the book, I tried to build in two key components about communicating with God through dreams or visions. The first is humility. Rather than using a vision or dream for one’s own aggrandizement, I believe that the less the person is involved, the more God can shine through.

The second component is, “How does this vision tie in to the scriptures?” When I was in the Middle East, I saw beautiful cryptograms of the Lord’s Prayer. It was so telling to see the Lord’s Prayer in terms of artwork. This inspired the idea of a book written in Aramaic – the language Jesus spoke – with each verse of Lord’s Prayer on one page of the book.

As I drafted the story, I looked at the Lord’s Prayer one verse at a time and that became my prayer time. It took three months to write the book and I did not finish the Lord’s Prayer in three months. It was a beautiful experience for me.

When the character of Elena follows God’s lead, her life takes a different path than the one she planned or expected. Davis, in what ways does your own dependence on God’s leading take you in surprising directions?

It’s remarkable how this question comes up now, because it seems like this entire year has been one of being open to God’s OTHER direction. This has been true both in my creative work and in my walk of service.

Obviously I had no idea what was in store for us when I wrote the Book of Dreams (remember, the story is completed between nine and twelve months before its publication). But this really has been a reflection of what the story has tried to reveal – that sometimes the most important gift is what at first is what we fear.

Change often feels threatening, but so long as we struggle, we can’t see the true divine intention. To arrive at this point, where our prayer becomes one of genuinely seeking God’s call and His illumination, we must first embrace the change that is there in front of us.

Is a sequel for Book of Dreams planned? If so, when can we expect it?

I am this very moment completing the sequel, which is entitled Hidden in Dreams. Howard/Simon and Schuster have this slated for release in July 2012.

How can readers find you on the Internet?

My website, blog, and interactive discussion group are at www.davisbunn.com

I update my blog at least three times per week. To subscribe to my latest posts via your feed reader or via email, click http://feeds.feedburner.com/DavisBunn

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Davis-Bunn-author/134762129885578

Twitter: @davisbunn - http://twitter.com/davisbunn

E-Newsletter: My free e-newsletter always includes a giveaway contest for my latest book. To subscribe, fill out the form at www.davisbunn.com or send a blank e-mail to davisbunn@aweber.com. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Click the link in that e-mail, and you’re all set.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

By the way, don't forget to check out my other blog about homemaking stuff!  missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free e-books

I felt like I needed a picture on this post, so here is a picture of my Tiger.  He'll be one on Saturday, isn't he big?  He's between 10 and 11 pounds.  I hope he gets even bigger.

I have been finding lots of free e-books.  I'm still trying to figure it all out, but my husband downloaded a free app for the Amzon kindle on my phone.  I can download free ebooks from Amazon onto my phone to read them.  Here is a link for some free books, but not all books are Christian fiction so you will have to sift through them.  If you don't have a kindle, you can download them onto your computer, but I don't like being confined to one spot with my books.

I have also downloaded an app from Christianbooks.com, and they have free books too.
I'm sorry I have been quiet on here, I've mostly been blogging on my other blog about homemaking stuff, so come see me over there!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

"The Word, God Will Keep It"

I wanted to share a book my Pastor wrote, my husband helped to put it in book format.  This is a great book on the history of the King James Bible, be sure to order a copy for yourself!

"The Word, God Will Keep It: The 400 year History of the King James Bible Only Movement."
By Joey Faust

17 chapters. 335 pages.

Did you know that “King James Onlyism” has been the most popular view among Christians for the past 400 years?
This book, filled with hundreds of quotes, takes you on a detailed journey through the past four centuries to behold the vast number of Christians that believed the King James Bible is the infallible, preserved Word of God! Many of these early Christians also warned future generations of the terrible consequences that would arise as a result of forsaking this Holy Bible – consequences that our age has seen come to pass. This book also exposes a web of occultists and false teachers – outside – as well as inside, Christian churches – that have worked to overthrow the faith of multitudes in the King James Bible.

Some of the chapter titles include:

“Conditioning for a One-World Church”

“The Originals-Only Scheme”

“The Necromancy of Westcott and Hort”

“Heretics Behind the ASV”
Order online from http://www.fundamentalbooks.com/

Or send $16.00 to:

Fundamental Books
700 Cordes Dr.
Venus, TX 76084


Monday, June 13, 2011

Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs

Here Burns My Candle   -     
        By: Liz Curtis Higgs

Here Burns My Candle is an excellent book!  I have read several books by Liz Curtis Higgs and enjoyed them all!  This book is set in Scotland during the Jacobite Rising.  It is set in the Lowlands but the main character is a highlander married to a Lowlander.  Elisabeth Kerr has been raised on superstition for her religion but does not get any satisfaction and cannot understand why until she starts reading the Bible.  She learns the only way to happiness is through God only.  This revelation has changed her life and helps her to cope with the heartaches that are coming her way.
Her mother who is a Lowlander and relishes her social status has many secrets she wishes to remain hidden.  Which way should she be swayed when Bonnie Prince Charlie rides in with his Highlanders?  Should she support him and the Jacobites or stay loyal to England?  There will be consequences either way. 
Be sure to visit eighteenth-century Scotland to find out how God works in the lives of these two very different women whose lives have been thrown together because of their love for the same man.  A motherly love and a wifely love.

You can go here  http://www.lizcurtishiggs.com/  to learn more about Liz Curtis Higgs and her books.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen

The Girl in the Gatehouse  -     
        By: Julie Klassen
The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen is a very good book.  It is about a young lady, Mariah, who made a mistake and is banished from her father's house.  She finds a home in her aunt's gatehouse where she and her companion is basically ignored by her aunt. 
Captain Matthew Bryant has one goal in mind, to win the heart of his lost love by proving himself worthy to her and her father.
Then he meets Mariah when he rents her aunt's manor.  She is not the woman he wants to marry, so why is he so intrigued about this girl with her many secrets? 
This book is very well written and hard to put down.  There is a couple of spots that I felt was too descriptive of Mariah's indescretions that I feel could have been left out though.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn

Lion of Babylon

I loved this new book by Davis Bunn.  I hate politics and do not always pay attention to what is going on.  I know the basics, but most of it is just too confusing to try to figure out.  I know we went to war because terrorists bombed the twin towers on 9/11.  Aside from that I have never eally understood what was going on over there, until I read Lion of Babylon by Davis Bunn.  He explains what is going on in Iraq without being boring.  It's like somthing just clicked in my brain while reading it  This book would great for a man or woman because it is not a romance book at all.
Lion of Babylon is about an ex CIA operative who gets pulled back into service when an operative who is a good friend of his goes missing in Iraq.  When he arrives in Iraq, he actually joins forces with the Iraqees to find out what is going on, there is more going on then just a missing person.  Is he missing because of political reasons or religious reasons?  How do the religious factions in Iraq and Iran tie in with his disapearance?  Will God help him on his quest to unravel the truth?  This is a must read for everyone to help you understand the political, socila and religious aspects of the war we are in right now.  Davis does an excellent job of interweaving a fictional story with the facts of what is happening right now. 
If you don't care about any of that, read it anyways for a great suspenseful, focus grabbing book!
Unfortunately the book will not be available until July, but you can pre-order the book here:  http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=lion+of+babylon&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCN&nav_search=1&cms=1

Be sure to follow this link http://www.scribd.com/doc/55895986/Lion-of-Babylon  to read the first chapter!

Davis Bunn is an award-winning novelist whose audience spans reading genres from high drama and action thrillers to heartwarming relationship stories, in both contemporary and historical settings. He and his wife, Isabella, make their home in Florida for some of each year, and spend the rest near Oxford, England, where they each teach and write. Visit Davis at www.davisbunn.com .

Here is a quote from Davis about the book:
"This is the first time I have based a story upon my experiences of working and living in the Middle East. I wrote the outline over a six month period, coming back to it time and again between other projects.

My desire was to have half the story told from the point of view of an Arab Christian. I asked myself:

• What does it mean to live as a member of a minority faith?

• What are the current circumstances faced by such a person and their family?

In order for such issues to NOT get in the way of the overall story, I needed to grow utterly comfortable with this man, his world, and his ‘skin’, during the outlining phase of the writing process.

Then I just sat on it for months, knowing I needed something more, but not sure what it was. Finally I showed it to my editors at Bethany House Publishers. It was only when I received their feedback that I felt the book begin to genuinely solidify.

In general, the crucial change between outline and first draft is the climax. I have never had my first vision of the climax actually become the book’s culmination. Lion of Babylon is no exception. As usual, what I envisioned as the climax actually became one of the crucial moments LEADING to the climax. I find I like this uncertainty, this unexpectedness. If I don’t know, the reader normally can’t anticipate."

Be sure to reserve your copy today!

Happy reading!

Davis Bunn

I just wanted to share a nice comment I got from Davis Bunn about the book review I did for him.

"Dear Missy,

I just wanted to thank you for the truly beautiful review. I have commented publicly about how you really came to grips with the story's heart, and now having reread your comments I wanted to write you personally and say how much the words have meant. There is not often that chance to read a critic's response and say, 'they really got it!' In your case, it not just went to the heart of what we intended, but was written with such lovely crafting. I really appreciate the time and effort that went into this, and hope your health issues are now in the past.

Warm personal regards,


Pretty flattering!

I'm sorry I haven't written much lately!  I've been pretty busy.  To see what I have been up to, check out my other blog:  http://missyscakesandaprons.blogspot.com/   I've been baking, sewing and trying to get my house clean, not to mention a new kitten!  She's only about five weeks old.  She's a rescued feral kitten.

My two nine month old kittens have been pretty good babysitters though!  LOL
Have a great day ya'll!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kaydie by Penny Zeller

Kaydie, Montana Skies Series #2

Penny Zeller has written another great book in Kaydie, the second book in the Montana Skies series.  For my review on the first book in the series is here: http://bodaciousbookworms.blogspot.com/2011/03/mckenzie-by-penny-zeller.html

Kaydie is about Mckenzie's sister.  Kaydie has been hurt and neglectected by her dead husband.  He is now gone, but has left behind a lot of pain and a  sweet baby growing inside of Kaydie.  As Kaydie prepares for the arrival of her baby she learns how to trust God and how to trust herself to make the right decision when it comes to trusting another man.
Jonah Disckenson is a man with a hurtful childhood.  His mother abandoned him with his drunken father when he was a little boy.  He does not have anything against marriage but does not think it is for him.  As he helps Kaydie with getting ready for her baby, he grows closer to Kaydie.  But can he trust another woman not to abandon him like his mother did?  He also needs to learn to trust God.

Check out Penny's website here:
I would recommend Kaydie as a good book to read.  To buy the book go here: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=penny+zeller&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCN&nav_search=1&cms=1
Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jane Kirkpatrick

Jane Kirkpatrick had a Mother's Day contest where we were supposed to write about our mother. I only had like five minutes to write it before I went out of town. Boy was I surprised I won Runner's Up. If you want to get to know me a little better through my mother's story, go here:

I had an amazing mother!

Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Damascus Way by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke

Photo of The Damascus Way (Acts of Faith Series, Book 3)
What a great book!  I was supposed to have written this review weeks ago, but I was suffering from terrible sinus headaches and have not written any reviews in a while!  Then I was out of town at camp meeting last week!  I have several books to tell you about! 
The Damascus Way is the the finale to the best-selling Acts of Faith trilogy co-authored by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke.
The first book is The Centurion's Wife, the review is here: http://bodaciousbookworms.blogspot.com/2010/07/centurions-wife-by-janette-oke-and.html
The second book is The Hidden Flame, the review is here:  http://bodaciousbookworms.blogspot.com/2010/08/hidden-flame-by-davis-bunn-and-janette.html
I was so excited to read the third book! 
The Damascus Way is about a young rich girl named Julia.  She has everything money can buy, a mother and father who loves her, but something is missing.  They don't have any friends and company never comes over.  She does not understand why until a terrible secret is revealed to her.  The only one she can turn to is Jesus, but it is dangerous to be a follower of The Way.
Abigail's brother, Jacob, is now a young man.  He is a believer, but does not where he belongs in the world.  He feels that he is treated as a child still by his guardian.  Should he continue as a caravan guard, or does God have another way for him to travel?
The book also tells about the Apostle Paul before he was saved and how terrified the Christians were of him.  The title of the book comes from Paul's salvation on the Road to Damascus.
The book is very well written, at one point there is a terrible sand storm, and I could just picture myself there.  I live in TX, and while I was reading the book we were having very high winds and dirt was blowing everywhere and I was covered with dirt from the wind storm, but it was nothing compared to the sand storms in the Middle East!
This is a must read to help you understand what it was like to be a Christian and have to hide from authorities and friends when going to church services, and not being able to talk openly about your faith without fear of persecution.
We ave many freedoms here in America that are slowly being taken away.    We need to pray for our country and it's leaders to make sure this does not happen here!
Find out more about the book here: http://www.davisbunn.com/book/the-damascus-way.htm
You can buy the book at your local bookstore or here: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=the+damascus+way+by+davis+bunn&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCN&nav_search=1&cms=1
Be sure to buy yourself a copy today, it is a great book!
Happy Reading,

Friday, March 11, 2011

McKenzie by Penny Zeller

McKenzie by Penny Zeller is a great book.  I could not put it down!  McKenzie Worthington is part of Boston's High Society and expected to marry one of Boston's elite bachelors.  She loves the high life of Boston and plans to live in Bosotn forever as the wife of a rich Bostonian.  There is only one thing that stands in her way.  The love she has for her sister.  Her sister married a con artist and was dragged to the Montana Territory and is being abused by him.  The only way McKenzie can think of to save her is by becoming a mail order bride.
Zachary Sawyer is an orpahn who now owns a rach in the Montana Territory.  He adopted his best friend's son after he died.  Davey needs a mom and Zach needs a wife, but women are scarce in his town.  He decides the only way is to pray and ask God to send him a mail order bride. 
God has his own plans.  You'll have to read the story to see how God works a miracle in the lives of McKenzie, Zach, and her sister, Kaydie.  This is a great book and you can tell that Penny has a close, personal relationship with God.  The book is very uplifting with many biblical truths woven in.
For more information visit Penny's website here:  http://pennyzeller.com/books.html

I can't wait to read the next book Kaydie, it will be out April 5.
Be sure to buy this book, I loved it!
Happy Reading,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Code of Justice by Liz Johnson

Liz Johnson sent me Code of Justice to review.  It is a short novella, but I could hardly put it down.  The book is about an FBI agent who's sister was killed in a helicopter crash. "Follow the drugs" were her sisters last words, but Heather does not know what it means.   Heather Sloan almost died in the crash with her sister.  Sheriff's deputy, Jeremy Latham, is assigned to the case.  As Heather and Jeremy work together to find out why someone tried to kill her, they uncover many things - not only about the case, but also about themselves.  Deep secrets and insecurities about themselves rise to the surface as they not only get closer to solving the case but get closer to each other also. 
Liz Johnson is an excellent writer who is able to bring her readers into the lives of the characters of her book.  Code of Justice has many biblical truths woven into the story.  It's a great book that I would highly recommend.
To find out more about Liz Johnson visit her website at:  http://www.lizjohnsonbooks.com/
You can read the first chapter here:  http://www.lizjohnsonbooks.com/?page_id=1888

I'm sure you'll enjoy this book as much as I did!
Happy Reading,

Monday, February 28, 2011

Deadly ties by Vicki Hinze

Multnomah Publishing Company sent me a another book to review, Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze.  Deadly Ties is a contemporary fiction mystery, CSI type book.  I believe this is the fisrt book I have read by Vicki and I really enjoyed it, in fact I had a hard time putting it down! 
The book is about Lisa Harper.  She had an ideal childhood until she saw her father murdered when she was seven years old.  Her mother married an evil man named Dutch who had ties with some pretty bad people.  When Lisa was 16, her mother gave her to a friend who worked at the Crossroads Crisis Center.  There she learned how to defend herself and make a life for herself with the single goal of rescuing her mother from her stepfather.
Vicki does a great job of of illustrating how even when we think God is not blessing us, He is preparing us for things we are not aware of.  God is always in control and doesnot make any mistakes.  I would definitely recommend reading this book. Here is a link to the first chapter of the book:  http://authoriam.wordpress.com/2011/01/16/deadly-ties/

The book deals with Human Trafficking, for more information go here:  http://web.mac.com/vickihinze/Vicki_Hinze_Author/HumanTraffickingResources.html

For Vicki's website, go here: http://www.vickihinze.com/

You can go here, to buy the book:  http://www.christianbook.com/deadly-ties-crossroads-crisis-center/vicki-hinze/9781601422064/pd/422064?item_code=WW&netp_id=828146&event=ESRCN&view=details
Deadly Ties is the second book int the "Crossroads Crisis Center" series.  The first one is Forget Me Not, which is now on my list of books to read.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Summerhill Secrets Volume 1 by Beverly Lewis

When I worked at a book store, I was in charge of the children's section but whenever anyone had a question about the Christian Fiction section, they were sent to me.  Why?  Because I had read every single book in that section, that I thought was worth my time.  I don't like fantasy books, so I didn't read those.  It was great, because we could "borrow" books from the store, so as soon as we got a new book, I borrowed it.  I can read a book in two to three days (but then I don't get any housework done!)  I had a young Christian girl in her teens ask me for a recommendation for a book in the teen section.  That was pretty hard because most of the teen books were wicked.  Books about vampires, sex, ghosts, cliques, etc. 

"....but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine."

I Timothy 4:12, 13

None of those books would be honoring to God, why would any parent allow their child to fill their mind with such wicked stuff?  But, I had noticed some new books had come in by Beverly Lewis.  I love Beverly Lewis and had read almost all of her books written for adults.  So I recommended "Summerhill Secrets" by Beverly Lewis.  She came back to the store a couple of weeks later thrilled with the book.  She bought volume two and when she came back I was able to steer her to a few other books by Christian authors.  I still had not read Summerhill Secrets yet though!  My husband and I were at Mardel's last week and they had several books on sale for a dollar!  He pointed out these books to me, and I bought them.  Volume one is 5 books in one volume.
The stories are short and follow the life of Merry Hanson.  She is a modern "Englischer" who lives in Amish country.  Some of her best friends are her Amish neighbors, another girl she grew up with who claims to be an atheist, and a  new christian she led to the Lord.  The books follow her struggles and her walk with the Lord.  Even though it is geared for teenagers, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I would recommend this as a good book for you and your daughter!
You can check out Beverly Lewis's website here:  http://www.beverlylewis.com/ME2/Sites/Default.asp
You can buy the book here: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=summerhill+secrets+1&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCN&nav_search=1&cms=1
or check out your local Mardels and see if you can score one for a dollar!
Happy Reading!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Charade by Gilbert Morris

I usually love Mr. Morris's books, but this one was a very dark novel in my opinion.  It is about a man who weighs over 400 pounds.  He writes a computer program and becomes an instant success but he is taken in by a scam artist.  The book is about the revenge that he wants to take and how the hatred is eating him alive.  The book does have a very clear plan of salvation, which I think every Christian novel should have.  This book is not a book I would read again, it is too dark.
If you are interested in this book, you can buy it here:
Happy reading!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Preacher's Bride" by Jody Hedlund

Bethany House Publishers sent me this book.  I have never read anything by Jody Hedlund before(I think this might be her first book, I couldn't find any other titles by her).  She did a great job on this book, it is loosely based on John Bunyan's life story.  Jody changed the names, some of the time lines, and of course took liberties with the dialogue, etc.  I really liked how in the back of the book she tells you what is true and what is fiction.
The book is set in England with Elizabeth, a young Puritan maiden, as the main character.  Jody does a great job bringing Elizabeth to life with her fears, desire to serve God, and her insecurities.  John Costin is a young man who loses the love of his life during the birth of their fourth child.  John is a tinker by trade, and preacher by passion.  Can the Lord bring these two people together despite all the obstacles in the way?  Is it the Lord's will?  All of these questions are answered in the book.
I would recommend reading this book, it will give you an idea of what England was like in the 16th century, and why the Puritans made the dangerous voyage to America.  For some fun facts and a quiz go to Jody's website here:  http://jodyhedlund.com/reader-fun/
You can buy the book here: http://www.christianbook.com/Christian/Books/easy_find?Ntt=the+preacher%27s+bride&N=0&Ntk=keywords&action=Search&Ne=0&event=ESRCN&nav_search=1&cms=1
or you can go to your local bookstore.
I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman

Waterbrook Multnomah sent me another book to review.  The title would have discouraged me from reading it, but it is not about pirates at all, I think the only thing I did not like about the book was the title.  Patricia is an excellent authoress who does a great job bringing her readers into the story and making you a part of the family.
Saphora is the envy of all her friends and strangers.  She has the perfect life:  a handsome rich husband, the "perfect" family, a beautiful home that is being showcased in a magazine, and even a great vacation home.  Outward appearances don't always tell the whole story though.  Saphora is tired of it all.  She's tired of always having to maintain an image for people by having the perfect hair, clothes and smile.  She's tired of smiling and pretending like everything is fine while her husband is sleeping around with other women.  She's lonely and ready to start a new life on her own so she packs her suitcase and is ready to move to the vacation home by herself to try to find her real self, wear comfortable clothes, relax and be lazy for a while.  BUT, her husband comes home and announces he has brain cancer and wants to move to the vacation home while he is being treated. 
The first day they are at the new home they meet a special boy who needs love and compassion.  He was born with AIDS and people treat him like a leper.  He's always smiling and trying to make other people at ease around him, but he is lonely too.  These two lonely peole come together and find the love they have been looking for and bring a whole family back together.
This is a great book, very intense.  It will make you cry so be sure to have your tissues ready.  I believe this book is a must read for everyone!
You can visit Patricia Hickman's website here:
Waterbrook Mutlnomah's website here:
And also buy the book here:
It is also available in kindle, so you have many different places to choose from to buy this great book!

Happy Reading,