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I Timothy 4:12, 13

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"When the Soul Mends" by Cindy Woodsmall and Winner Announced!

I just finished the last book in the series "Sisters of the Quilt"  When the Soul Mends does an excellent job of wrapping up the series.  You really become a part of the character's lives and I did not want the series to end!  LOL  Since it is the third book in the series, if I tell you too much about it, then I will give away endings for the other two books.  
Hannah struggles with forgiving her father for not being there when she needed him.  He had tried to help her, it just came out wrong and had the opposite effect of what he wanted.  He still won't allow her in his home even though they have forgiven each other.  I can understand how she feels.  My Dad won't let me come visit him (he's in his 70s).  We talk on the phone, when I call.  He says he loves me, but he has always been "set apart" from me since I've been an adult.  I still do not understand why he does not want me in his home, but it is something I accept.  I still love him and he still loves me, God has a plan for this situation. 
If you have not read one of Cindy's books, you need to go get one right now and read it!
Okay, are you ready for the winner?  The winner is Barb Shelton!  Congratulations, you get to pick one of Cindy's books to read and she will autograph it for you!
Happy Reading!

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