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I Timothy 4:12, 13

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Rainbow's End" by Irene Hannon

Rainbow's End is a very good book about three people who have been scarred in different ways.  You have the recluse woman who stays hidden from the world.  She expresses herself through her art and has a personal relationship with God.  You have the mysterious man who deals with his pain by running from God and everybody he loves while searching for answers from God.  You have the mysterious little boy who shows up and won't talk to anybody.  God brought all three of these people together to teach them how to open up to other people and start loving again.  Not all scars are on the outside that can be seen, some are hidden deep inside your heart. 
I like this quote:  "When I inquired how  ..(to find peace with God).. the reply was simple: 'I stopped  searching for answers.  I stopped asking why.'....God doesn't call us to understand, instead He calls us to trust and understand.""
This is a good book that I would recommend.
I'm going to start reading "Uncle Tom's Cabin"  tonight. 
Happy Reading!

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16shamrock said...

Hi, Missy! I'm glad you enjoyed my novel, "Rainbow's End." It was a finalist for the RITA award from Romance Writers of America a few years ago!

Since I wrote that book, I've branched into romantic suspense. If you like that genre, you might want to sample my Heroes of Quantico series. The first book, "Against All Odds," came out last year. Book 3, "In Harm's Way," will release next month, but each book stands alone. Those books have vaulted me to the bestseller list, and I'm very, very grateful for the response.

Thanks again for reviewing "Rainbow's End"!

Irene Hannon