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I Timothy 4:12, 13

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Uncle Tom's Cabin" chapters 1-4

I have read the first four chapters of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"  What an easy read!  I am whipping right through it and I have to make myself put it down!  I am a little confused though.  Everything I have read about the book says that it starts off with the death of Uncle Tom.  He hasn't died yet!
It starts off in the first chapter with Mr. Shelby and a slave trader.  Mr. Shelby is a good, kind, Christian man.  He owns Uncle Tom, who is also a Christian.  He owes the slave trader money and is being forced to sell Uncle Tom even though he is his most dependable and trustworthy servant.  The slavetrader also wants to buy another slave's(Eliza)little four year old boy because he is "delightful" and is trying to force this "sale" with Mr. Shelby.  Eliza heard a snatch of the conversation is very worried.  She has never been treated like a slave but like a servant. 
Eliza is married to George who is owned by another plantation owner.  George is rented out to a factory, but when his owner finds out that George is smarter than he is and invents a machine, he forces George to quit and do the most menial tasks he can.  His owner won't let him stay married to Eliza anymore and is going to force him to marry one of his slaves to "sire" more children for him.
There is a side note in my book that there was a machine she describes invented by a young colored man in Kentucky.  Is that note in the newer versions?
George decides to run away to Canada rather than break his marriage vows.
Master George, Mr. Shelby's 13 year old son is teaching Uncle Tom how to read. 
In only four chapters Mrs. Stowe has done a great job of setting up the plot for the book.  I can't wait to read more to find out what happens!
Happy Reading!

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